Over the past couple of weeks, we have been lucky enough to be part of the wonderful Camden Fringe. Our venue has been used across the month by amazing up and coming theatre production companies and seasoned comedy pros. Have a read about everything we’ve hosted so far and what we’ve got still to come!


10 Days That Shook The World

1st, 2nd, 3rd August 2019

The first show that kicked off our Camden Fringe run was 10 Days That Shook The World from theatre company Thereby Hangs A Tale. After recently winning the Best New Writing Award at the Liverpool Fringe, the troupe headed to King’s Cross for a three night run with a full house every show.

Part gig, part play and part all-means-of-production-seizing musical. This irreverent reinvention of John Reed's eyewitness account of 1917 mixes protest songs with spoken word, satire with magic tricks and today's most radical politics with the events of a century ago.

Russia 1917 and American writers John Reed and Louise Bryant find themselves in Petrograd on the eve of revolution. Join them as they rub shoulders with Trotsky and Lenin, stumble through debates and near-death experiences, and discover what they are willing to sacrifice for their beliefs. Created to celebrate 100th anniversary of the book's publication, this new cabaret-play adaptation is a funny an inspiring story of people power and taking a stand.

Review from the night: "An excellent production in a small venue, where being close to the action really counts. 60 minutes of uplifting drama." Camden Fringe Voyeur 2019


Barely There

2nd August

Then we were joined very briefly by Mary O'Connell and Patrick Healy for an hour of laughs and insights into their underwhelming lives. Mary (NATYs Finalist; Chortle Public Vote Winner) is still angry about the end of Lost, even though she hasn't seen it. Patrick (SYTYF Finalist; NATYs Finalist) is an 80 year-old man in a 20 year-old's body (with a 12 year-old's face).

Now they are taking their show Barely There up to the Edinburgh Fringe where they’ll perform it for the rest of the month. We hope you both have a great run, and our pre-Edinburgh gig was useful!

Grab tickets to see them in Edinburgh here!

Stephen Catling.jpg

Stephen Catling Vs Himself (and other Monsters)

1st, 2nd & 3rd August

Then we had a 3 day run of Stephen Catling’s new show. Raggedy Northerner who absolutely refuses to listen to all those warnings about monsters and abysses tries to fight his way through hellish hordes. But at what cost will victory come? Will he be able to hold onto his humanity?
"A barrage of silly and inventively twisted ideas, bloody funny" Dan Antopolski
"Engaging and Otherworldly" Sam Rhodes


The Imagination of Walter Ray

3rd, 4th, 5th & 6th August

Our stage was then graced by Cork-based award-winning production company Kisco, with their latest show The Imagination of Walter Ray. A wonderfully wacky original play that took the audience on a rollercoaster of emotion. Walter's neural complex has shifted and his mind is plummeting into utter insanity. Can he be helped? And what will become of him? Featuring an eclectic cast of characters featuring Mister Fox, Mister Bunny Rabbit and Female Cowboy Hitler.


Josh James: Jamesy

7th & 8th August

We have 2 sell out shows from the up-and-coming club comedian Josh James, who graced our stage with his unapologetic stand up. One of the circuit’s most promising new voices, Josh uses his upbringing in Essex as a lens to reflect on his reality-TV obsessed generation - a generation hellbent on money, power and Instagram likes. In this UNCENSORED 45 minutes, Josh called it like he sees it on a broad range of topics, from Brexit to celebrity culture to laughing through life’s tough moments.

We hope to see Josh back on the 2Northdown stage very soon (watch this space!)

Fun with Flags.jpg

Fun With Flags

7th, 8th & 9th August

Now we’ve got a bit of informative right wing comedy from the So You Think You’re Funny Semi-Finalist, Nicholas De Santo (claims to be the only Italian-Iranian comic in the world!) He uses his show to prove Brexiteers can be fun, knowledgeable and cosmopolitan. We also learnt why Italian proverbs are always the most effective, why the British have no business making fun of the French, and why they have been doing their Mediterranean holidays wrong!

Catch his show tonight and tomorrow: tickets here!

Nicola houghton Its all gravy CAMDEN A5 Front.jpg

Nicola Houghton: It’s All Gravy

11th, 12th & 13th August

This weekend, we’ve got a three day run from the wonderful Nicola Houghton, as she tells us the story of how she’s found herself in middle-class London having grown up on the gravy-soaked cobbles of Radcliffe, an old mill town near Manchester, surviving thanks to home knitted t-shirts, raffle prizes and treasures found in the canal. Added into the mix, Nicola now also has three Londoner middle-class children who love olives. Can she ever fit in or will she get found out? Expect a very funny, warm hearted, lively hour.

Tickets here! (P.s use promo code GRAVY for 2-4-1 on the 11th!)

Banana's are a funny shape.jpg

Bananas Are A Funny Shape

19th August

Starting our week next Monday 19th, we have a one night visit from up and coming welsh duo Denni-Tyla Bell & Olivia Martin, with their brand new show Bananas Are A Funny Shape. Not only will these two talented girls perform in their new play, but they also wrote it themselves. It’s a show about when different experiences brings them closer than they think. They battle through the fake world of social media, and begin to be their own worst enemy through comparing of others. They start to find their own journey through it all and learn that beauty lies within. A play full of laughs & truths!

Tickets here!


Becky Mott: I Googled How To Be A Stand Up Comedian and Now This Is My Show

20th, 21st & 22nd August

Our very own 2Northdown New Act Competition Finalist googled how to be a stand up, and now here she is, with a full show. Join us on her three day run next week. Our last show of the fringe!

Tickets here!

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