Steen Raskopolous Improvises With Friends


Join Steen Raskopoulos (Star of Whose Line Is It Anyway? Australia and BBC's Top Coppers) and his friends for a night of improvisation aka make stuff up aka don't plan anything and use their imaginations aka are you serious aka yes.

First Half: The Pitch

Two comedians will present a never before seen pitch (new movie, government initiative, scientific break through). They are armed with a slideshow presentation and an attitude to impress. However, they have no idea what they're pitching nor have they seen the slideshow.

Second Half: The Improvised Soap Opera

In the style of 'The Bold and The Beautiful', this improvised soap opera will make the twists and tales of 'Days of Our Lives' look G rated.

Upcoming Shows:

Steen Raskopoulos Improvises With Friends #11 with Emma Sidi, Nic Sampson, Graham Dickson, Paul Foxcroft & Briony Redman - Friday 4th October. Tickets